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International Affiliates

KSI Shah & Associates is a member of Morison KSI, London, now renamed as Morison KSI. The membership extends to U.A.E. The membership and international affiliation provides us with specialized audit documentation and continuing technical support in addition to training, practice/standard reviews by exchanging visits.

Morison KSI is worldwide group of professional firms. The member firms are spread over all the seven continents and in most of the countries.

Presently, Morison KSI have 435 partners operating out of 183 office, world wide and having a combined strength of 3,625 staff members.

About Morison KSI

Morison KSI has members throughout the world to deal with any international business requirements. All the member firms are able to offer a personal service, which focuses on having a thorough understanding of clients particular international needs.

Each member firm prides itself in keeping up to date on international matters including tax, and through regular contact between all Morrison association members high standards of excellence are maintained throughout the organisation.

The Morrison International network consists of well-respected firms providing high technical standards and specialized services. The International organisation aims to provide commercial and practical advice based on specific needs. KSI members priority is for the individual partners of all member firms to give personal attention to clients needs.

Morison KSI and Our Clientele

Being a member associate of Morison KSI, assists our clients in achieving the following:

  • A global membership of independent firms who will actively help our clients manage their overseas expansion activities.

  • A worldwide support group focused on the issues affecting owner managed businesses.

  • Offices around the globe who will enable our clients to maximise inward investment opportunities.

  • Strength of numbers and additional resources, giving our clients an advantage over your competitors.

  • New business opportunities through referrals from other Morison KSI members.

  • Opportunities to add value to our clients – by providing a greater range of services and resources.

  • A forum in which to develop practice marketing ideas to market sector specialization.

The aims and objective of Morison KSI are
  • The member firms offer a personal service that is focused on having a thorough understanding of particular international needs.

  • Morison KSI consists of well-respected firms providing high technical standards and specialised services. The international association aims to provide commercial and practical advice based on specific needs.

  • Priority is for the individual partners of member firms to give personal attention to client’s needs.

The commitments of Morison KSI are
  • Each of the Morison KSI member firms aim to provide the following level of service.

  • Responsibility for all aspects of the client service rests with dedicated partners, managers and supervisors.

  • Prompt response to client enquires and phone calls.

  • When advising, we aim to combine high technical standards with commercial realism.

  • In most cases, estimates of fees can be provided in advance of starting work.

  • In written communications we aim to avoid technical jargon and non-committal advice.

  • To keep up to date with client activities, we offer the facility of pre-planned regular meetings with the partner.

  • We attach great importance to continuity of key personnel wherever possible.

  • In order to help us maintain and exceed our standards, we always welcome any comments regarding our service.

  • All member firms are committed to helping their clientele by keeping up-to-date with various affairs and offering a high standard of both commercial and supportive advice.

  • The key approach is to build a close relationship between a member firm and their client.

  • All member firms are expected to give the right advice at the right time-helping clients to grow, troubleshooting for them in difficult times, and helping them to maximize their success-whether on a national or international level.

  • When high quality specialist services are needed, the member firms have the necessary skills and technical resources to provide them.

Qualities that the client will find in a Morison KSI firm include
  • A real understanding of client’s business.

  • A firm where the partners are in tune with clients’ needs and aspirations.

  • Regular attention and support from accessible partners.

  • Commercial realism in the advice provided.

  • Technically reliable responses to client’s esquires.

  • Additionally, all Morison KSI firms attach great importance to recruiting and training quality staff. To maintain our high standards, member firms run post qualification training program’s for their own personnel.

Expertise of a Morison KSI firm include
  • Morison KSI member firms can provide the technical skills and expertise often required to advise on international issues, together with local business contacts and information on available opportunities.

  • Our members are therefore in an excellent position to advise you on such subjects as:

    • Setting up overseas branches and companies.

    • International tax planning for companies or individuals.

    • Offshore structures.

    • International audits.

    • Advice on commercial aspects of international trading.

    • International funding proposals.

    • Matters relating to nationality and immigration.

    • International corporate finance contacts.

  • Morison KSI member firms offer all the understanding, enthusiasm, technical resources and the personal attention of a group of independent firms dedicated to satisfying the needs of business, large or small, across the spectrum of industry and commerce throughout the world.

  • Each member firms are totally committed to taking the lead for their clients through commercial advice, value for money and complete support.

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